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New Employee Spotlight, Milo Vieland, Staff Attorney & Equal Justice Works Fellow, LCHJ

Sponsored by McDermott Will & Emery LLP

First, welcome back to Legal Council! You were previously a Law Student Intern at LCHJ, can you describe what your new role will be here?

Thank you, I’m really happy to be back as a Staff Attorney and Equal Justice Works Fellow. I’ll primarily be involved with the Howard Brown Health Medical Legal Partnership (MLP) with a focus on trans clients; though I will not be exclusively working with that MLP. Through my Fellowship project I will provide direct legal assistance to trans clients who are facing health insurance denials for transition-related medical care and then also holistic public benefits services as well.

You were awarded an Equal Justice Works Fellowship; can you talk a little more about the Fellowship and the focus of your specific project?

Definitely, so Equal Justice Works Fellowships allow new attorneys to develop public interest legal projects and then work at a host organization to carry out the project for two years. My project will focus on addressing health insurance denials for transition-related medical care, will offer holistic public benefits assistance for trans clients, and will provide assistance with name and gender marker changes on vital records. The project as a whole is really about healthcare access for trans clients while also recognizing the importance of broader economic security for that population.

What goals do you have for the Howard Brown Health-LCHJ MLP? (specifically regarding the trans health initiative)

First and foremost, to serve individual clients and provide comprehensive legal services. But also, to use the project as a platform to gather information about client experiences and trans health access issues occurring in Illinois. My hope is through gathering that information, we will be able to identify and address legal advocacy issues and do impact work to create structural change, as well as better tailor individual services.

What are you most excited for regarding your project?

I was a medical case manager for several years prior to law school so I’m really excited to get to work directly with clients again. I'm also excited about the trans health landscape in Illinois. There has been a lot of positive change in the last few years, but there is definitely still a lot of work to do. Additionally, I'm excited to do this project at Legal Council. We have an amazing and supportive team with knowledgeable attorneys on all of the topics my project specifically focuses on. I’m just happy to be back working with clients and getting the opportunity to learn new things.

What hobbies and activities do you enjoy doing outside of work?

I try to spend as much time as possible by the lake, running and biking, going on long hikes, and spending time with friends. I also enjoy cooking elaborate meals when I have the time.


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