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Helping The Community by Solving Systemic Problems

Medical-Legal Partnerships throughout the country have greatly impacted and improved the health and well-being of many.  

The Problem: Erie Family Health Centers in Chicago repeatedly saw patients with lead poisoning & were prevented from moving and still maintaining federal housing assistance.

The Action: Erie Family Health's Medical-Legal Partnership with Loyola University School of Law and LAF Chicago built a multi-state coalition and  petitioned the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development to update its federal lead regulations.

The Resolution: After petitioning and engaging Congress members, the proposed lead regulation changes were enforced successfully in January 2017. Currently, “The Lead Safe Housing for Kids Act of 2019”,a proposed bi-partisan bill, would require lead hazard risk assessments and controls in all federally assisted housing. 

(National Center for Medical-Legal Partnerships)

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Keeping Children Safe From Lead Poisoning

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