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    MLP Job Opportunities Legal Aid Chicago Supervisory Attorney - Public Benefits Practice Group - MLP Project Legal Aid Chicago maintains three primary MLPs with the following partners: Erie Family Health Centers and Loyola University School of Law, Cook County Health, and the University of Chicago Medical Center, which focuses on patients who have experienced gun violence. The MLPs provide individual legal representation, provider education on health harming legal needs, and engage in broad-based advocacy across the wide array of legal issues that Legal Aid Chicago covers. Supervising Attorney will maintain a caseload of individual cases representing clients before SSA, IDHS and in state and federal courts, act as a subject matter expert concerning health harming legal issues, and supervise attorneys and other staff in practice group. Learn More Land of Lincoln Legal Aid Staff Attorney- Legal Advice and Referal Center Hotline The staff attorney in this position will screen callers and conduct phone interview in a wide range of substantive areas of law, including housing, consumer, family, and public benefits. The attorney will provide advice to eligible callers. In some instance, the staff attorney may conduct brief services in the areas of consumer law and sealing and expungement of criminal records. Learn More Legal Council for Health Justice Legal Advocate- Children's Medical-Legal Partnership The legal advocate will work with a staff attorney to do outreach and intake, and handle legal matters under the supervision of the staff attorney for patients served by the children’s hospital. Learn More Equal Justice Works Fellowship Attorney An Equal Justice Works Fellowship is an opportunity to transform your passion for equal justice into a career. This opportunity starts with your Fellowship and often extends into a lifelong commitment to public service.Candidates for an Equal Justice Works Fellowship can create a Fellowship project of their own design or can apply to join an established Fellowship program dedicated to serving a specific population or addressing an unmet legal need. Learn More CJE Senior Life Part-time Legal Services Staff Attorney CJE offer free legal services to older adults and their caregivers, including consultation, advice, referrals, and document drafting. Seeking a part-time attorney to work with older adults in Chicago, focusing on advanced care planning and financial security and conducting training on legal rights and services for low-income individuals. Learn More Prairie State Legal Services Staff Attorney Staff attorney will provide a wide-range of legal services to some of the most vulnerable members of our communities, including low-income individuals, older adults, veterans, and people with disabilities. Learn More Legal Council for Health Justice Staff Attorney- Children and Families MLP The attorney will work to remove legal barriers to accessing healthcare and other related services by counseling and representing clients with health-harming legal needs. The attorney will handle legal issues including eligibility for public benefits, access to healthcare and health insurance, special education needs, and Social Security benefits. Learn More George Washington University Health Workforce Institute Atlantic Fellow for Health Equity Atlantic Fellows for Health Equity is a one-year global fellowship program designed to bring together the many diverse industries and professions that influence health and well-being. The program will build and support a group of global, multidisciplinary leaders equipped with the technical knowledge, skills, and network to advance health equity in their organizations and communities. Apply by April 10, 2023. Learn More Lawyers' Committee for Better Housing Supervising Housing Attorney Supervisory Attorney will supervise the litigation and all other work of approximately four staff attorneys in the Cook County Legal Aid for Housing and Debt Early Resolution Program (ERP) and the City of Chicago Right to Counsel (RTC) Pilot Project. Learn More Prairie State Legal Services Staff Attorney - Housing Stability Project PSLS staff will primarily represent tenants being wrongfully evicted or terminated from private or subsidized housing. Staff may also be involved in filing lawsuits to address habitability or serious health and safety issues within rental housing. In addition to litigation, the staff will help prepare and distribute legal resources, hold presentations, work with local agencies and courts to establish coordinated eviction responses, and review and respond to updated rules related to evictions and rental assistance programs. Learn More Legal Aid Chicago Staff Attorney - Public Benefits The Public Benefits Practice Group challenges wrongful denials, terminations, calculations, overpayments, and sanctions concerning benefits from the IDHS. The group also challenges wrongful denials, terminations, and overpayments concerning benefits from the SSA including SSI and SSDI benefits. Learn More Pro Bone Net Network Legal Volunteer Pro Bono Net Network work to bring the power of the law to all by fostering collaborations with leading civil legal aid and pro bono organizations through innovative technology solutions.Each year millions of people in America face overwhelming legal problems without a lawyer. You can help bring legal resources, tools and referrals to those people, and increase the number of attorneys who volunteer to serve them. Learn More ©2022 by MLP-Illinois. Sponsored by Loyola's Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

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    MLP-ILLINOIS Trabajando hacia un futuro más brillante WHO WE ARE Making a Difference in Health Equity MLP-Illinois is a coalition of medical, legal, and social services professionals working at several Medical-Legal Partnership sites throughout the state of Illinois. ​ This coalition focuses on aiding those at the crucial intersection of health and law by providing support to various medical-legal partnerships working to address the social determinants of health affecting Illinois residents' well-being. Operating in various counties in Illinois and having served a multitude of residents, MLP-Illinois seeks to address the systematic barriers that cause health problems and require legal action to resolve. ​ Our ultimate goal is to help members advocate for those in need to access to services to better their health. We believe that with access and opportunity, people can become empowered to ensure their health and well-being. LEARN MORE QUÉ ES UNA ASOCIACIÓN MÉDICO-LEGAL Reforzar el compromiso con la equidad en salud Una Asociación Médico-Legal (MLP) es la integración de profesionales médicos y legales que trabajan juntos para mejorar la salud del paciente al abordar las barreras legales sistémicas que afectan negativamente la salud y el bienestar de una persona. En una Asociación Médico-Legal, los profesionales de servicios médicos, legales y sociales están dedicados a buscar todos los ángulos posibles para resolver las diversas necesidades de salud de los pacientes. Aprende más IMPACTO DE LAS ASOCIACIONES MÉDICO-LEGALES Ayudando a la comunidad Las asociaciones médico-legales se dedican a abordar las disparidades en la salud causadas por los determinantes sociales de la salud. Esto no es una hazaña fácil, pero a través de la cooperación y el empoderamiento de la comunidad creemos que podemos facilitar el progreso en esta área. Las asociaciones médico-legales siempre se esfuerzan por marcar la diferencia, y lo invitamos a obtener más información y brindar su apoyo. Aprende más MÁS INFORMACIÓN SOBRE LAS OPCIONES QUE TIENE HOY ¡Acceda a nuestros recursos para mejorar su salud hoy! Aprende más MIRAR EN PROFUNDIDAD LOS RESULTADOS DE LAS ASOCIACIONES MÉDICO-LEGALES (MLPS) Aún no hay ninguna entrada publicada en este idioma Una vez que se publiquen entradas, las verás aquí. STAY IN TOUCH WITH US CONTACT US First Name Last Name Email Phone Subject Leave us a message... Submit Thanks for submitting! FOLLOW US SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEWSLETTER Sign Up JOIN US Are you an Attorney, Healthcare Provider, Medical or Legal Advocate, someone working in the medical or legal fields, or at the intersection of both fields? Join us, by submitting a request via our contact form , if you are looking to better support your patients or clients in their health harming legal needs and social determinants of health ©2022 by MLP-Illinois. Sponsored by Loyola's Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

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    MISSION STATEMENT “MLP-Illinois promotes health equity by providing education, resources, and assistance to medical, legal, and social services professionals working to improve Illinois residents’ health." 8 Years of Impact at the Service of MLPs OUR sTORY Turning Interest Into Action The inception of MLP Illinois occurred as part of the Illinois Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission in 2014. It has since evolved into a statewide network comprised of fifteen medical partners and seven legal partners. There are currently several medical-legal partnerships currently operating throughout the state of Illinois. Understanding the health disparities rampant throughout the state, MLP Illinois believes that by working together we can leverage crucial resources and better situate MLP Illinois as an advocate for statewide health equity. ​ As a network of medical-legal partnerships, MLP Illinois regularly collaborates to further critical initiatives, share crucial resources, and assist each other with challenges related to securing health equity for residents of Illinois. MLP Illinois also aims to provide a meaningful platform to display the benefits of integrating legal care into the healthcare process as a standard to further health equity, address health disparities, and contribute to better health outcomes for Illinois residents. Meet Our Co-Chairs Kaaren Fehsenfeld MLP-Illinois Co-Chair (2022-Present) Senior Staff Attorney, Public Benefits Practice Group, Legal Aid Chicago Kaaren Fehsenfeld (she/her + they/them) is a Staff Attorney at Legal Aid Chicago. She works on public benefits legal issues through the Health Forward/Salud Adelante Medical Legal Partnership with Cook County Health. Kaaren has also worked on eviction defense for tenants in subsidized housing, criminal records sealing and expungement, and on behalf of trans, non-binary, and gender expansive clients. Kenya Garrett-Burnett MLP-Illinois Co-Chair (2020-Present) Director of ALC Program, Legal Council for Health Justice Kenya Garrett-Burnett heads Legal Council's HIV/AIDS program. Prior to joining Legal Council as a senior staff attorney in 2017, Kenya worked as a staff attorney at Legal Aid Chicago (formerly LAF) where she served as Task Force Leader of the HIV/AIDS Task Force and represented various clients in divorces, special education hearings, order of protection hearings, and child custody matters. With over a decade of experience in Chicago, Kenya brings legal expertise in housing, family, employment, and disability law to her position with Legal Council. She earned her J.D. from DePaul University College of Law and her B.S. in Community Health from University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Outside of Legal Council, Kenya serves as the incoming Co-Chairperson of the Lawyers Trust Fund Legal Aid Diversity and Inclusion Work Group, Co-Chairperson of Medical Legal Partnership Illinois, and on the Executive Committee of the AIDS Foundation of Chicago Service Providers Council. Meet Our AmeriCorps VISTA Dede Benissan MLP-Illinois MLP VISTA Coordinator (2021-Present) Dede Benissan serves as the MLP-Illinois VISTA Coordinator. In that capacity, she provides organizational support to the Task Force and maintains updated resources on the MLP-IL website. Dede holds a B.S. in biology & B.A. in public policy from UNC-Chapel Hill. She is passionate about community work and advocacy and hopes to become a lawyer. Where Our Members Work ©2022 by MLP-Illinois. Sponsored by Loyola's Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

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    Past Co-Chairs Kaitlyn Quigley, Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Chicago, 2021 Gerard Polanco, Staff Attorney & MLP Coordinator, Uptown People's Law Center, 2020-2021 Diane Goffinet, Managing Attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, 2017-2019 Colleen Boraca, Clinical Professor of Law, Northern Illinois University, 2017-2020 Past AmeriCorps VISTAs Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Health Justice Project Shiv Bajaj 2020-2021 Jacqueline Silva 2019-2020 Whitney Plumery 2018-2019 Past Members Please note that the list below may not include all of the former members of the MLP-Illinois Task Force. Asterisks indicate members who - to the best of our knowledge - have made significant contributions to the development, advancement and sustainability of the Task Force. Legal Aid Chicago, Erin Sutton, Equal Justice Works Fellow Annie Hao, Legal intern Amelia Piazza , Cynthia Sadkin, Gaby Teresa Yao, Borchard Fellow/Attorney Alex Behn, AmeriCorps VISTA Danielle Hunter, Paralegal Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, Michael Fiello, Managing Attorney, Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice Dowin Coffy, MLP Attorney Lauren Pashayan, Managing Attorney Latasha Barnes, Attorney Melinda Hubele, Staff Attorn ey Lucas Park, Staff Attorney Katie Whiteworth, AmeriCorps VISTA Kayla Estes, AmeriCorps VISTA Andrew Weaver, Senior Supervising Attorney Rachel Miller, Staff Attorney Benjamin Brown, Senior Attorney Susan Zielke, Managing Attorney Briana Rodriguez, Rachel Beckett, Angela Bates-Smith Prairie State Legal Services, Catrina Miksis, Mike O'Connor Jessica Hodierne, Lydia Jordan Rilla Adcock, Administrative Manager Thomas Dennis, MLP Coordinator Christina, Annie Equip for Equality, Jacqueline Ross, Staff Attorney and Equal Justice Works Fellow Melanie Grant, Intake Manager Legal Council for Health Justice, Ruth Edwards, Program Director Ruth Abarca, Ashley, Jessica Hoffen Shannon Ackenhausen, Staff Attorney Brianne Dotts, Staff Attorney Julie Brennan, Program Director Jada Tinnin, AmeriCorps VISTA Shelmun Dashan, Staff Attorney Megan Harkins, Staff Attorney, Equal Justice Works Fellow Adoley Jordan, Grants Manager Jessica Rhoades, Staff Attorney Amy Zimmerman, Program Director Hannah Berkowitz, Staff Attorney Amanda Walsh, Staff Attorney, Equal Justice Works Fellow Jennifer Mota-Melville, Fellow/Intern Enrique Mendoza, AmeriCorps VISTA Others Jan Baranczak, Director of Operations, Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic Michelle Sanders, Director of Development and Marketing, Heartland Health Services Margaret Stapleton, Community Justice Director, Shriver National Center on Poverty Law Carolyn Pointer, Policy Director, SIU medicine Sarah Grusin, Attorney, Loevy & Loevy Southern Illinois Healthcare, Woody Thorne, VP of Community Affairs and Chief Development Officer Lisa Nation, Community Health Coordinator Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice, Addie Boone, MLP Advisory Board Member Lisa Carlin Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Yana Karnaukhov Emily Benfer, Founding Director, Health Justice Project Allyson Gold, Clinical Teaching Fellow Ron Hochbaum, Clinical Teaching Fellow Teya Dragovic, AmeriCorps VISTA Kayley Anderson, MLP Social Work Intern Lauren Koch, Law Student Northwestern Pritzker School of Law, John Elson, Professor of Law Hillary Chutter-Ames, Law Student Northern Illinois University College of Law, Lauren Daly, AmeriCorps VISTA Heather Skrip Center for Disability and Elder Law, Thomas Wendt, Legal Director August Hieber, Staff Attorney Lawyers Committee for Better Housing, Kira Wilpone-Welborn, Staff Attorney and MLP Fellow Chloe Noonan, Legal Fellow Howard Brown MLP, Michelle Wetzel, Chad ©2022 by MLP-Illinois. Sponsored by Loyola's Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

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    CERCL: COVID-19 Recursos útiles ¿Dónde puedo encontrar atención médica si no tengo seguro ? Solicitud de acceso a la atención Cuando podré volver al trabajo si di positivo? Estoy teniendo dificultades para mantenerme al día con los pagos de servicios públicos . Necesito ayuda para pagar una vivienda . Programa de asistencia para el alquiler de emergencia de Housing Forward Para personas sin hogar Me preocupa el acceso de mis hijos a la educación . CPS: cómo conectarse a Internet Tengo problemas de seguridad en mi hogar. ¿A quién puedo contactar para obtener ayuda legal general? CARPLS - Asesoramiento legal gratuito para los residentes de Chicago: (312) 738-9200 Otros recursos para ayuda legal gratuita ¿Dónde puedo encontrar alimentos? Para estos enlaces en español, abra este documento. COVID Equity Response Collaborative: Loyola, o CERCL, trabaja en asociación con líderes comunitarios y funcionarios de salud pública para minimizar el daño del COVID a las poblaciones en riesgo en el área de Chicago. Actualmente, CERCL ofrece pruebas de COVID gratuitas a las comunidades de Maywood y Melrose Park. Nadie será rechazado por falta de seguro. Para obtener la información más reciente sobre las fechas y horarios de las pruebas, siga a CERCL en Facebook @ CERC.Loyola o Twitter @CERCLoyola. Y ou también se puede enviar por correo electrónico a CERCL . Preguntas / inquietudes Enviar ¡Gracias por enviarnos!

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    WHO WE ARE PAST MEMBERS ©2022 by MLP-Illinois. Sponsored by Loyola's Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

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    CENTRO DE RECURSOS Haga clic en los enlaces a continuación para acceder a diferentes recursos. Recursos públicos Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para acceder a varios recursos públicos Haga clic aquí Mapa de Illinois MLP Haga clic en el enlace a continuación para acceder a un mapa de asociaciones médico-legales en Illinois Haga clic aquí

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    CDC: Animals and COVID-19 Resources Illinois Pet Food Pantries The Humane Society of the United States: COVID FAQ s It's a Pittie Rescue Resources One Tail At A Time Resources Are You Having Trouble Affording Your Pet? Resources for People and Pets Affected by COVID-19 PAWS Chicago Crisis Foster Care Rescue Chicago Resources Pet Resources ©2022 by MLP-Illinois. Sponsored by Loyola's Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

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    U.S. Dept. of Transportation Coronavirus Resources NADTC COVID-19 Transportation Regional Transportation Authority Free Permits and Ride Programs Illinois Department on Aging Ride Free Transit Benefit Affordable Senior Transportation Options City of Chicago Senior Transportation Programs Lyft COVID-19 Vaccine Ride Program Uber COVID-19 Vaccine Ride Program Transportation Resources ©2022 by MLP-Illinois. Sponsored by Loyola's Beazley Institute for Health Law and Policy

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