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 Past Co-Chairs

Kaitlyn Quigley,
Staff Attorney, Legal Aid Chicago, 2021

Gerard Polanco,
Staff Attorney & MLP Coordinator, Uptown People's Law Center, 2020-2021

Diane Goffinet,
Managing Attorney, Land of Lincoln Legal Aid, 2017-2019

Colleen Boraca,
Clinical Professor of Law,
Northern Illinois University, 2017-2020


Past AmeriCorps VISTAs

Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Health Justice Project

Shiv Bajaj 2020-2021

Jacqueline Silva 2019-2020

Whitney Plumery

Office Meeting

Past Members

Please note that the list below may not include all of the former members of the MLP-Illinois Task Force. Asterisks indicate members who - to the best of our knowledge - have made significant contributions to the development, advancement and sustainability of the Task Force.

Legal Aid Chicago,
Erin Sutton, Equal Justice Works Fellow

Annie Hao, Legal intern

Amelia Piazza, Cynthia Sadkin, Gaby

Teresa Yao, Borchard Fellow/Attorney

Alex Behn, AmeriCorps VISTA

Danielle Hunter, Paralegal

Land of Lincoln Legal Aid,
Michael Fiello, Managing Attorney, Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice

Dowin Coffy, MLP Attorney

Lauren Pashayan, Managing Attorney

Latasha Barnes, Attorney

Melinda Hubele, Staff Attorney

Lucas Park, Staff Attorney

Katie Whiteworth, AmeriCorps VISTA

Kayla Estes, AmeriCorps VISTA

Andrew Weaver, Senior Supervising Attorney

Rachel Miller, Staff Attorney

Benjamin Brown, Senior Attorney

Susan Zielke, Managing Attorney

Briana Rodriguez, Rachel Beckett,

Angela Bates-Smith

Prairie State Legal Services,

Catrina Miksis, Mike O'Connor

Jessica Hodierne, Lydia Jordan

Rilla Adcock, Administrative Manager

Thomas Dennis, MLP Coordinator

Christina, Annie

Equip for Equality,

Jacqueline Ross, Staff Attorney and Equal Justice Works Fellow

Melanie Grant, Intake Manager

Legal Council for Health Justice,

Ruth Edwards, Program Director

Ruth Abarca, Ashley, Jessica Hoffen

Shannon Ackenhausen, Staff Attorney

Brianne Dotts, Staff Attorney

Julie Brennan, Program Director

Jada Tinnin, AmeriCorps VISTA

Shelmun Dashan, Staff Attorney

Megan Harkins, Staff Attorney, Equal Justice Works Fellow

Adoley Jordan, Grants Manager

Jessica Rhoades, Staff Attorney

Amy Zimmerman, Program Director

Hannah Berkowitz, Staff Attorney

Amanda Walsh, Staff Attorney, Equal Justice Works Fellow

Jennifer Mota-Melville, Fellow/Intern

Enrique Mendoza, AmeriCorps VISTA


Jan Baranczak, Director of Operations, Highland Park-Highwood Legal Aid Clinic

Michelle Sanders, Director of Development and Marketing, Heartland Health Services

Margaret Stapleton, Community Justice Director, Shriver National Center on Poverty Law

Carolyn Pointer, Policy Director, SIU medicine

Sarah Grusin, Attorney, Loevy & Loevy

Southern Illinois Healthcare,

Woody Thorne, VP of Community Affairs and Chief Development Officer

Lisa Nation, Community Health Coordinator

Illinois Supreme Court Commission on Access to Justice,

Addie Boone, MLP Advisory Board Member

Lisa Carlin

Loyola University Chicago

School of Law,

Yana Karnaukhov

Emily Benfer, Founding Director, Health Justice Project

Allyson Gold, Clinical Teaching Fellow
Ron Hochbaum, Clinical Teaching Fellow
Teya Dragovic, AmeriCorps VISTA

Kayley Anderson, MLP Social Work Intern

Lauren Koch, Law Student

Northwestern Pritzker

School of Law,

John Elson, Professor of Law

Hillary Chutter-Ames, Law Student

Northern Illinois University College of Law,

Lauren Daly, AmeriCorps VISTA

Heather Skrip

Center for Disability and Elder Law,

Thomas Wendt, Legal Director

August Hieber, Staff Attorney

Lawyers Committee for Better Housing,

Kira Wilpone-Welborn, Staff Attorney and MLP Fellow

Chloe Noonan, Legal Fellow

Howard Brown MLP,

Michelle Wetzel, Chad

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