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One Case at a Time

“MLP-Illinois promotes health equity by providing education, resources, and assistance to medical, legal, and social services professionals working to improve Illinois residents’ health.”

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Turning Interest Into Action

The inception of MLP Illinois occurred as part of the Illinois Supreme Court Access to Justice Commission in 2014. It has since evolved into a statewide network comprised of fifteen medical partners and seven legal partners. There are currently several medical-legal partnerships currently operating throughout the state of Illinois.


Understanding the health disparities rampant throughout the state, MLP Illinois believes that by working together we can leverage crucial resources and better situate MLP Illinois as an advocate for statewide health equity.

As a network of medical-legal partnerships, MLP Illinois regularly collaborates to further critical initiatives, share crucial resources, and assist each other with challenges related to securing health equity for residents of Illinois.


MLP Illinois also aims to provide a meaningful platform to display the benefits of integrating legal care into the healthcare process as a standard to further health equity, address health disparities, and contribute to better health outcomes for Illinois residents.

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